Far From Home S.A. is an independent game developer from the AA+ segment designed for PC, as well as Playstation and Xbox consoles.
The company was founded in a complicated time when in 2020 the world was swept by the Covid–19 virus pandemic. Difficult conditions, the need to change plans prepared for months or the requirement of remote work and mandatory isolation, however, did not stand in the way of the seven game enthusiasts meeting and jointly bringing Far From Home to life.
Similarly to the company’s logo, it presents a traveller who treks with curiosity, but also with a slight dose of anxiety, the vastness of space in search of new worlds, so has Far From Home S.A. embarked on an ambitious and fantastic expedition the beginning of which was the signing of the founding agreement on 16.04.2020.


mission and vision

The ambition of Far From Home S.A. is to create video games that will leave a distinct mark in the history of this branch of entertainment. The goal set for the next projects of the Company will be creating memorable action games with a clear narrative emphasis. This will be possible thanks to a skilful combination of many years of experience, a huge passion for creating games, and shared values that individual team members follow every day.



From the very beginning, the company bases its strategy on Community Driven Development – it takes into account current global sales trends, determines the characteristics and needs of target customers, and draws conclusions based on the analysis of competitive productions.

The concept of the first production of the studio with the working title “Project Oxygen” is a combination of market analysis with the mission, passion, and experience of the Far From Home team. It is a yet unannounced, ambitious SF game set in a ruined world setting.



The following companies were an inspiration for the company and its team in building its direction and values:

  • Ninja Theory – a company that boldly introduces innovations in the creative and technological process, thanks to which it raises the quality of its products above market standards.
  • Supergiant Games – a company whose games have achieved perfect coherence and balance between artistic, narrative, and playability elements.
  • Klei Entertainment – a company that has mastered the building of the player community and also perfectly implements the post launch support of their productions for a long time after release.
  • The Astronauts – a team of extraordinarily experienced and talented developers, which raises the bar on their production, raising the quality of indie games to a new level. An example where quality, not quantity, is always the most important thing in the production process.
  • Creepy Jar – a company creating high quality products, combining market analysis with consistent implementation of business plans.